Publicist. Writer. Cultural consultant.



As a native speaker of English, fluent in Spanish, working as an arts consultant in Madrid, I provide a unique bilingual offer to cultural organisations that require more effective interaction between the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking worlds. I have years of experience in written translation and spoken interpreting between English and Spanish. I can act as a trusted advisor in any moment in your communications activities that require bilingual support, such as:

Translation (from Spanish to English) of press releases, press kits, website and social media copy, marketing materials and other written materials

Simultaneous interpreting (between English and Spanish) during media interviews or stakeholder/partner meetings

Editing and optimising existing written materials that have been translated from other languages or written by non-native speakers 

English classes for communications and cultural professionals to improve technical language, conversations, speaking in professional contexts, etc. 

Advising on language for speeches and other spoken presentations

Interview simulations to help practice interview technique in English