Publicist. Writer. Cultural consultant.
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If you are looking to communicate something new and exciting to the public, here are some of the services I can help you with.

Communications strategy

When an organisation is preparing for a period of change or a new beginning, there are several activities I can carry out, such as:

  • Developing narrative and messaging to establish who you are, what you stand for, what you should be saying
  • Identifying strategic objectives and target audiences 
  • Identifying key influencer channels, including media, stakeholders, government and digital 
  • Creating chronological timelines of communications activity around key moments in your organisation's timeline 
  • Building stories and content ideas that will help achieve your strategic objectives and bring the voice of your organisation to life among target audiences
  • Train existing spokespersons and engaging new ones

Media relations

The international media environment is a challenging one to navigate. Using my expertise and connections in the media I can help you to:

  • Identify the media among which you should be building visibility in order to achieve your strategic objectives
  • Build compelling stories that are likely to resonate with the press
  • Plan key moments in your activity timeline for media engagement
  • Write press releases, fact sheets, biographies, background briefings and other press materials
  • Reach out to journalists to bring these moments to life in the press
  • Deliver widespread positive media coverage in outlets of strategic importance to your objectives
  • Facilitate international press trips 
  • Stay out of the press when needed

Risk and issue management

There are a number of reputational issues that any cultural organisation might contend with today, ranging from public funding, sponsorship, diversity and working conditions to freedom of expression, provenance of works, political affiliations and personal scandals. My communications campaign for you could include:

  • Critical issue mapping
  • Q&A and FAQ documents to mitigate reputational risk
  • Issue management strategy, including processes, roles and responsibilities, timings, scenarios 
  • Crisis scenario simulation 
  • Preparation for high-risk media interviews, briefings for key spokespersons 

Sector and stakeholder engagement

I can use my knowledge of and contacts across the arts and culture sector to help develop your relationships with key stakeholders and potential partners. Some activities could include:

  • Face-to-face briefings with stakeholders and potential partners around the world, planned according to international travel schedules
  • Targeted written briefings for specific stakeholders or partners on key issues during key periods of activity
  • Round table and conference events to communicate information during key periods of activity 
  • Receptions and social events during key periods of your own activity or other moments of importance in the cultural calendar


As part of an overall communications campaign I can support your digital activity by:

  • Drafting and optimising English-language copy for web and social media
  • Translation web copy, social media content, blogs, etc. between from Spanish to English 
  • Converting corporate, media or marketing language into wording suitable and effective for web and social media
  • Advising on materials and assets most effective for digital communications campaign 
  • Content calendars using your materials and assets
  • Aligning digital content delivery with central timeline of communications strategy, media activity, etc.